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 ARCHIVES: Public Houses 

Desford Pubs

The term public house was not really used until the 19th century. Before this, there were alehouses, inns and taverns.  It is interesting to note that often the pubs were run by “incomers” who were born elsewhere; usually in local villages in the county. 

First known reference and closure date, where known:

Bulls Head                1665  

The Wheel                1766  - c1868                                  

The Roebuck            1825  - 2010

Red Lion                    1825                                      

Blue Bell                    1841

White Horse              1846

Blacksmith’s Arms    1849  - 1932             

Lancaster Arms         1870                          

The Greyhound Botcheston       

1Red Lion.jpg

The Red Lion

DDLHS_newold rd pcxl copy 2b_edited.jpg

The Roebuck Inn

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